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Sporting Wheelies has been delivering magic moments for more than 40 years – those moments when people of all abilities enjoy recreation activities and play sport with their mates or stand on the Dias at the Paralympics.

But in the background, we have also been quietly making miracles happen, assisting people to walk for the first time or relearn to walk after injury.

We believe that all ambitions are equal and valid.

We support the full variety of active goals people have, from increasing their mobility and independence, improving their health, socialising, participating recreationally, through to representing their State or country. And, of course, we love it when our members score actual goals in their sports.

How we help

Making Active Goals Possible 


All ambitions are
equal and valid

How we help

Get involved in sport – whether it’s just for fun or to play competitively

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Our highly qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologists can provide specific therapies

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Living with disability
Support networks and information for people living with a disability

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Jason’s Story

This truly inspirational young man show’s what is possible for people with a disability. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Jason’s parents were told he would never walk or talk.

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Purchasing tickets in Sporting Wheelies Gold Choice Lottery will help us to enhance the lives of people with a disability through health and fitness, sport, active recreation and building inclusive communities.

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