Para Powerlifting

Para Powerlifting was one of the first sports contested by people with a disability and requires strength, power, coordination and dedication to training. For athletes with vision impairment, competition consists of the bench press, squat and dead lift, whilst athletes with an amputation, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury or other physical disability compete in the bench press only.

Para Powerlifters can compete in state, national and international events including Sporting Wheelies Para Powerlifting State Championships, Powerlifting Australia National Championships, Commonwealth Games and the Paralympics. Athletes, however, need to be classified to compete at state, national and international level. Para Powerlifting is only available for lifters with a physical impairment.

Our Para Powerlifting Program

Para Powerlifting training can be conducted at any gym, but we offer a specialized para-bench at our Brisbane venue located at 2 Kilroe Street, Milton.

We recommend that newcomers first engage in a general fitness and strength conditioning program before embarking on a dedicated Para Powerlifting training regimen.

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​Other Roles

You do not have to play Para Powerlifting to be involved. You can contribute as a volunteer, coach, team manager, umpire, administrator of the sport or as an enthusiastic supporter.

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