Goalball is an exciting team sport for athletes with a vision impairment and sighted players of all ages. Two teams of three blindfolded players throw a bell-ball towards their opponent’s goal, using their body to protect their own goal. The game requires team communication, coordination and strategic skills and offers many social and physical benefits as well.

Sporting Wheelies provides development opportunities for new players to improve their skill level and fitness at training sessions and competitions. Players can also compete in representative Goalball at state, national and international level, including the Paralympics.

Whilst sighted players can compete up to National level, a vision impairment classification is required to compete internationally.

A game of the Paralympic sport of Goalball

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WeekDate term 4, 2023 Goalball Brisbane
Day: Saturdays
Time: 12.15 - 2.15pm
Location: Sporting Wheelies Clubhouse
2 Kilroe Street, Milton QLD 4064
114th October 2023
221st October 2023
328th October 2023
44th November 2023
511th November 2023
618th November 2023
725th November 2023
82nd December 2023

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State Teams Selection

The process of selecting members for the Queensland State Goalball Team is a rigorous one, which involves multiple stages and evaluations. Prospective athletes are assessed based on various factors, including their skill level, physical ability, and overall performance. Only those who meet the high standards set by the team’s selectors are ultimately chosen to represent Queensland at the Australian National Goalball Championships. Read the State Team Selection Policy here

Other Roles

You do not have to play Goalball to be involved.  You can contribute as a volunteer, coach, team manager, official, administrator of the sport or as an enthusiastic supporter.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please get in touch with us below.

Upcoming Competitions

Goalball State Championships (Hells Bells)

5-6 August 2023

Sporting Wheelies, 2 Kilroe Street Milton

Hells Bells Event Page

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