Live a healthy active life through sport


Have fun and meet new friends, develop new skills and get fit, all within a supportive environment.  Play for fun or train for elite competitions like the Paralympics.

Wheelchair Basketball

A great way to keep fit and develop new skills

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Make friends, learn skills, get active and have fun!

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Wheelchair AFL

Sporting Wheelies is introducing Wheelchair AFL.

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Wheelchair Rugby

An exciting contact sport, play with a team

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Designed for players with a vision impairment, the aim is to protect your goal 

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Other Sports and Recreation

More inclusive sports available

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Swimming is a great way to stay fit and active

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A tactical game of concentration, strategy and accuracy

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Para Powerlifting

Requires strength, power, coordination and dedication to training

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High Performance Program

Elite training for Paralympic and World Championship competition 

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Classification provides fair and equal competition by separating athletes with a similar level of functional ability into groups or ‘classes’.

The same principle applies in able-bodied sports where athletes are classified according to age, gender or weight divisions to allow for as fair competition as possible.

Each sport has its own classification system to reflect its specific athletic skills and requirements. During the classification process, a trained classifier assesses an athlete’s eligibility to compete in disability sport based on how their impairment influences their sporting ability.

classification organisations