Therapy to Achieve your goals

Exercise Physiology

Sporting Wheelies offers a range of therapies designed to improve functional capabilities. Our Accredited Exercise Therapists will work with you to utilise the most appropriate treatments to work towards achieving your goals.


Activity Based Therapy (NeuroMoves)

An individually designed exercise program aimed to improve function, independence and mobility through skill acquisition. The program involves repetitive, task-specific, dynamic and weight bearing activities all performed out of the wheelchair. Functional Electrical Stimulation is also used during ABT sessions to facilitate functional task-specific training. During ABT sessions, you will work one on one with a therapist to achieve your personal goals and you will be assessed regularly to monitor your progress. Data collected in the program shows exercise therapy improves independence, mobility and participation in the community.

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Locomotor Training (NeuroMoves)

A  body-weight supported treadmill program aimed to stimulate the nervous system. It is an intensive program developed in the USA that promotes recovery focusing on posture, standing and walking patterns. This form of training is supported by three highly trained therapists who, with manual guidance, facilitate stepping and standing tasks to retrain the nervous system. Research conducted in Locomotor Training has shown improvements in walking function, general mobility, trunk control and general health benefits.

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FES Cycle

FES is a validated rehabilitation technique that administers pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves (the neurons that connect the spinal cord to the muscles), generating involuntary muscle contractions and patterned muscle activity. FES is non-invasive and applied using adhesive neuro-electrostimulation pads placed over prime mover muscles. When activated, FES achieves patterned movements in the arms/legs and trunk during cycling on the RT-300 bike. Dependent on the individual, benefits can vary, but commonly demonstrate increased blood circulation and prevention of muscle-wasting.

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Strength and Fitness Builder

This session is ideal for people who want to improve cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal fitness, promoting a more active and healthier lifestyle. Fitness Builder can help you meet personal goals involving increased strength, capacity and endurance. This specialised service is delivered by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and is ideal for participants requiring minimal manual assistance. *Available via Telehealth and Home visits (travel costs apply).

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Personal Training

Personal Training is perfect for those looking for greater motivation and individual assistance to ensure they get the most from their fitness program. One-hour sessions include generalised strength and conditioning, with minimal assistance. This service is delivered by a Personal Trainer and is available during Health and Fitness Centre opening hours.

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Hydrotherapy is used to assist with the rehabilitation of neurological, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and psychological function of the individual. In some cases it will also assist in maintaining the client’s level of function or prevent deterioration (eg balance and falls prevention) or prevent injury (eg aid in recovery in a preventative sports medicine program).

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Other Specialist Services


A registered physiotherapist with experience across a broad spectrum of rehabilitation in neurological and musculoskeletal conditions provides a holistic, hands-on, manual therapy approach that is individualised to each person’s needs.

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