Living with Disability

Don’t let your bladder or bowel stop you from doing the things you love!

About 80% of people with a spinal cord injury (SCI) will experience bladder or bowel dysfunction. Together with our friends at Coloplast, we are focused on reducing barriers to sport and recreation and giving you the freedom to get on with the things you love. That’s why we are offering FREE bladder and bowel clinic appointments (for all continence product users) at our Sporting Wheelies location. We also offer virtual appointments for those who cannot make it on-premise.

Do you:

  • Get frustrated with your current bladder routine?
  • Experience bladder infections more than twice a year?
  • Have urinary leakage more than twice in 6 months?
  • Want to know of any new catheters available in the market?
  • Spend more than an hour on the toilet to try and move your bowels?
  • Worry about having faecal accidents, even though you use diet and medication to manage your bowel?


If you answeredYES” to any of the above, we can help you access FREE nursing support. Request your free bladder and bowel appointment with an Accredited Coloplast Continence Nurse below. Bookings are subject to availability and require an appointment.

When you have a SCI, it is important to take care of your bladder and bowel to give you the freedom to get on with activities that are important to you. Don’t let your bladder or bowel stop you from doing the things you love, and request an appointment today.

Request a FREE appointment!

Raising the Bar about what’s possible

Game Changers (Peer Support Leadership Program)

Sporting Wheelies received a $1.1 million grant from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), in order to Raise the Bar on the goals and achievements available to people living with a disability.

The grant will fund Sporting Wheelies new Raising the Bar – Game Changers (Peer Support Leadership Program), employing at least 25 Queenslanders living with a disability as Game Changers to create awareness and empowerment amongst the community.

The program will also engage schools  to educate children about disability, Para Sports and show students it is possible for everybody to set and achieve active goals.

Connect with a Game Changer

  • Are you living with a disability?
  • Would you like to connect with others for mentoring and peer support?
  • Like to know more about what is available to you?
  • Require support navigating the NDIS and NDIS plans?
  • A healthy and active lifestyle, including advice and support on budgeting, transport, support workers, equipment and pathways?

Sporting Wheelies Game Changers are here to assist.

To connect with one of our Game Changers please contact our Raising the Bar, State Manager – or call (07) 3253 3333.

How to become a Game Changer

For more information and a copy of the position description, please contact our Raising the Bar, State Manager – or call (07) 3253 3333.

Inclusive Workplaces

Breaking down myths and misconceptions about disability, diversity and inclusion.

Introduce your organisation and team to inclusive sports.

Are you looking for a great team building activity or interactive professional development sessions?

Inclusive Workplace sessions will be tailored to your individual organisation and teams’ requirements however may include:

  • Para-athletes sharing inspiring stories of their journeys of resilience
  • Interactive session for all staff to participate in inclusive para sports, team building
  • Q&A Session
  • Breaking down myths and misconceptions about disability, diversity and inclusion
  • Branded merchandise for each team member

Types of Para team sport opportunities available

Find out more

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding to Australians with a disability. Sporting Wheelies can help you to navigate the NDIS so that you can receive the funding that you need.

For further information on how to access NDIS funding contact us.

Learn more about how to access NDIS funding

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