Boccia Tri Series 2023 – Round 3

“The Boccia Tri-Series” provides a pathway for new players, sports assistants and referees to learn and experience competition. It also offers more experienced Boccia participants with the opportunity to prepare for the Queensland Boccia Championships (i.e., Boccia Battle) at which the Queensland Boccia National Team will be selected.


24th June 2023

The University of Queensland, School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

(Connell Building 26), St Lucia, 4067

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 Competition Rules

Preliminary Event Schedule  

Event   Time 
Venue Opens and draw collection  8am 
Warm up Court available  8.30 am 
Competition Duration  Approx 9am – 4pm 
Presentations  Approximately 4pm 


Competition Structure  

The competition will consist of Individual divisions of play: BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4/BC5, Open. The results will be determined by player ranking from matches as follows: 

Criteria   Method  Description 
1  Number of Wins  The total number of wins in descending order 
2  Head-to-Head Record  The total number of wins in descending order against the other side(s) in the tie 
3  Points Difference  The total number of points scored, minus the total number of points conceded in descending order 
4  Points For  The total number of points scored, minus the total number of points conceded in descending order 
5  Ends Won  The total number ends won in descending order 
6  Positive Points Difference in a Single Match  The highest positive points difference (points scored; minus points conceded) in a single match in descending order 
7  Positive Points Difference in a Single End  The highest positive points difference (points scored; minus points conceded) in a single end in descending order 
8  Seeding Position  The lowest ranked side is the winner (ascending order) 

*A BC1 athlete will be awarded a 3 points head start per game as the athlete is competing in a multi-classification pool. 

The process for applying these criteria is: 

  1. All sides within the pool are compared against the criteria starting with the number of wins. The side with the greatest number of wins is given the higher finishing position. 
  2. If there is a tie, then criteria two should be applied. The number of tied sides will determine how this criterion is applied. Where two sides are tied, the match between these sides is the tie breaker. Where three or more sides are tied, only the matches between the tied sides should be used. This will mean removing any results of a side not included in the tie. Once these matches have been removed, the side with the greatest number of wins is given the higher finishing position.  
  3. If criteria two cannot split the tie, then criteria three is applied. Where the tie at criteria two involved three or more sides, then criteria three should be applied only to the matches involving the tied sides. This process is repeated with each criterion applied in sequential order until the tie is split. 

Friendly matches are played to ensure athletes have a minimum number of games; results do not contribute to scoring.  The matches that were forfeited will count towards the non-forfeiting player. 


All Registrations to be completed online.

Registrations close: 16 June 2023

Register here 

Registration Fees $85 a player.

Athletes enrolled and participating in a Sporting Wheelies Boccia Social Sport Program $60 per player.



Competitors wishing to withdraw may receive a full refund up before the registration closing date. There will be no refunds after this date. Please note all withdrawals must be in writing. Withdrawals due to illness or injury must be accompanied by a medical certificate and supplied to sporting wheelies.

 Presentation Ceremony

The event will conclude with a presentation ceremony at approximately 3:30/4pm on Saturday.

New in 2023
Athletes who attend all three rounds of the Tri-Series will be eligible for the ‘2023 Sporting
Wheelies Boccia Tri-Series Overall Player awards . These awards will be announced at the
conclusion of the third tri-series event for athletes in each respective classification. 

 Volunteers and Officials

Volunteers and officials are needed to fill various positions for the event.

If you can help, please let us know.

Volunteer here


Lunches and snacks will be available for purchase from Saint Lucy Caffe e Cucina (HERE). Players may bring their own individual meals however as a condition of the venue, it is not appropriate to enter the facility with a large amount of food with intent of catering for a team. 

 First Aid

Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association kit available onsite throughout the competition.

 Conditions of Entry

All athletes agree to the terms and conditions as outlines on the registration forms. Athletes must have no outstanding debts to the Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association.


Spectators are welcome to attend the TRI SERIES to support their friends, family, or to watch some Boccia games.

Spectators are asked to respect all athletes, volunteers, officials and event staff, failure to do so will result in the offending person/s to being asked to leave the facility.

 Event Coordinators

Sasha Ulasowski | Team Leader Para Sports & Recreation – Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association
M: 3253 3333

Angelo Macaro | Para Sports Development Coordinator – Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association
M: 3253 3333

Kate Jenian | QLD Head of Referees

Sporting Wheelies wishes to thank all Sponsors, Athletes, Volunteers, Officials & Referees, without whom the event would not be possible.


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Other Roles

You do not have to play Boccia to be involved. You can contribute as a volunteer, coach, team manager, umpire, administrator of the sport or as an enthusiastic supporter.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please get in touch using the link below.

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