Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby in action
Wheelchair rugby acfion shot at rugby bash
Wheelchair rugby in action
Wheelchair rugby player chasing ball
Wheelchair rugby in action

Wheelchair Rugby is an exciting team sport that was originally designed for people with the physical disability, quadriplegia. The rules were developed using rules from a number of sports and the game is played using a volleyball with the objective to score points by carrying the ball over the opposition’s try line. It is a contact sport and the physical contact between wheelchairs is an exciting part of the game.

Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association provides a number of opportunities for new players to improve their skill level and fitness; such as local programs, training sessions and development camps.

If classified, players also have the opportunity to compete in Wheelchair Rugby at regional, state, national and international level, including the Paralympics. Whilst all physical impairment groups and able bodied players are welcome at local programs, you must have a classification in order to compete at a National or International level.

Our Wheelchair Rugby Programs

The Association currently offers Wheelchair Rugby programs in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast; however we are continually aiming to expand throughout the state.

All new Association members will receive their first two (2) sessions for free and will have access to a Rugby wheelchair.

If members wish to continue participating after their two free sessions they can register with the program officer. Once they become familiar with the sport, they will be encouraged to purchase a Rugby wheelchair. Rugby wheelchairs are designed specifically for the sport, and prices for new customised chairs start at around $8,000.

Download our Wheelchair Rugby Fact Sheet for more information.

Other Roles

You don’t have to play Wheelchair Rugby to be involved.  You can make a contribution as a volunteer, coach, team manager, official, administrator of the sport or as an enthusiastic supporter.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please get in touch with us below.


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