EP in My Pocket: Episode 2

We know you’ve all been waiting for episode 02 of EP in your Pocket!

To assist in keeping everyone moving during COVID-19 related social isolation, our team of Exercise Physiologists have put together some light-hearted exercise videos for your entertainment (and physical activity!).

Shoulder Health II

#1. Scapular Retraction

  • left side, right side
  • 3x sets of 8-10x reps per arm
  • Relax for 1-2 min between sets to ensure quality reps!


  1. Using an elbow height table/bench and tea-towel, apply downward pressure through your elbow while you slide your arm back and forth in the horizontal plane.
  2. By keeping your chest upright, and back straight you should feel the exercise between your shoulder blades rather than your spine!

Don’t forget to stay safe, and stay tuned!

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