Annual General Meeting

Due to the shutdown issues associated with COVID-19, the Board have delayed the usual timing of our AGM in line with the announcement in May to temporary amendments to the Corporations Act allowing organisations to delay AGMs for up to six months.  Additionally, consistent with the temporary amendments to the Corporations Act we are also investigating how best to undertake the AGM during COVID-19 and we are considering options including virtual AGM.  Once these matters have been determined the Board will set a date and notify members accordingly.

EP in Your Pocket: Episode 8

Time to treat yourself to some transfer gains? Episode 8 of EP in Your Pocket brought to you today by Harry!

This one is a great one if you’re on wheels, and if not you can use books, foam or hoarded toilet paper give you a riser in a flat surface!

Here we go:

#1. Tricep Strengthening

2-3 sets of 8-10 reps

1-minute rest between sets


1. Grab the highest point of the wheels.

2. Set your shoulders back and push down.

3. Lift your hips off the chair.

Variation for LTD Tricep Strength

Rotate hand >45* and lock your elbow out – one arm at a time

Tag us in your posts if you try this at home – or any way you’ve chosen to get active! Don’t forget to stay home, stay safe and stay tuned! 🦾

EP in Your Pocket: Episode 7

We know it’s tough not being able to access a gym during social-isolation, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain those gains from home. Here’s some ideas that you can do from the comfort of your bed, or couch or even during Netflix episodes!

Today we have a nice little ab burner for you, brought to you by Jonas.

Here we go:

#1. Trunk Hyperextension
3-4x sets of 8-10 reps
30-sec rest between sets


1. Tuck your chin in
2. Hands by your side
3. Peel your upperback and shoulders off the bench. 🍌

*Too easy? Raise your hands above your head.

Stay safe, stay tuned!

EP in Your Pocket: Episode 6

Hey guys, get ready for another episode of your trusty pocket workout buddy.

Today we’re targeting the trunk – everybody’s favourite! Get motivated with Nathan, and check this off your physical activity for today:

#1. Trunk Rotation

3-5 x rounds of 30-60 sec
30-sec rest between sets


1. Sit up tall
2. Bring your hands up by your side
3. Reach out across your body, so your shoulder turns towards your opposite knee.

*use weight if you feel comfortable

Stay Safe, and Stay Tuned!

EP in Your Pocket: Episode 5

New week, new home- isolation strategies, new you!
We know this is a tough time for many, and while we’re working hard behind the scenes to deliver exercise to you from other accessible platforms – here’s another episode of EP in Your Pocket to keep you strong from home 🦾!

#1. Back Extension

5x sets of 6-8x reps
rest for 1-2 min between sets

1. Sit up nice and tall and slide your head towards your spine (double chin).
3. Squeeze shoulder blades together.
3. Imagine pressing your back flat against a broom.

NB: If you find you don’t have the balance to complete the range that Kristian does, just find the end range of motion you can do

EP in Your Pocket: Episode 4

How to counter the negative effects of increased screen time during isolation!

#1. Cervical Retraction/ Protraction

* 4x sets of 6-8x reps rest for 30-sec between sets

1. Sit or Stand up straight.
Slowly transition between tucking your chin in (the more double chins the better) & sliding your head towards the back of your spine.

Hold for 3-5 seconds.

2. Counter with the opposite movement & push your head forward, sliding your head away from your spine.

Don’t forget to tag @sportingwheelies and send us photos and videos of what you’re doing to stay active at home.

Stay safe, and stay tuned!

EP in Your Pocket: Episode 3

We hope you guys are still doing your exercises at home!

To assist in keeping everyone moving during COVID-19 related social isolation, our team of Exercise Physiologists have put together some light-hearted exercise videos for your entertainment (and physical activity!).

We’ve got another move you can contribute towards keeping those shoulders healthy!

Here we go:

#1. Scaption Raise

  • 5x sets of 10-12x reps
  • rest for 1-min between sets * unweighted OR gradually build to a heavy working set


  1. Sit up nice and tall – shoulders back.
  2. Hands positioned with thumbs up, or palms up.
  3. Lift shoudlers 90* – no shrugging!
  4. If too easy, gradually add weight each set.
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