4 tips on getting back into fitness after some time off.

So, you’ve taken some time off from your health and fitness routine and you are wanting to get back into it. Regardless of the reason for the break, whether it be due to illness/injury or maybe life just got in the way, you might feel overwhelmed about getting back into a fitness routine. That’s perfectly normal, so our Accredited Exercise Physiologists have share some of their top tips on getting back into fitness after some time off.


1 – If the idea of training is daunting, look at hiring a professional (personal trainer, exercise scientist, exercise physiologist, etc.) that can assess where you’re at, and give you a better idea of exercises and training regimes that are suitable for your level of fitness.


2 – Start simple and small. Focus on mastering basic movements then progress to more complicated and heavier exercises when you are ready. This will give your body a chance to adapt and it won’t seem like such a big effort each time you go to the gym. If you go like a ‘bull at a gate’ at the start, you’ll most likely be quite sore and tired so the last thing you’ll feel like doing is that again!


3 – Don’t think that you need to train every single day of the week, or for hours at a time. Starting with as few as one to two 15-30 minute sessions a week in the gym can be incredibly beneficial.


4 – Give yourself plenty of rest in between sets, exercises and workouts and understand that it takes time to achieve good results.


Remember, just because you’ve been limited by an injury you should not believe that this is now your limit. You are more capable than you believe and the only way to achieve anything is to try it first.

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