Tamara Nowitzki

Tamara Nowitzki

I first became involved with Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association in 1990 after being introduced to the organisation when I was participating in a program at Bray Park High School for students with disabilities. 


Tamara Nowitzki Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games swimming presentations

I was excited and motivated that a sporting outlet existed for people with a disability. That same year I swam in the Queensland Invitational Games at Chandler.  This was the beginning of a ten year swimming career and following this I was selected in the Association’s Junior Development Squad. 

At the pinnacle of my career, I won representation at two Paralympics and World Championships, I won silver at the World Championships and a silver and bronze at the Sydney Paralympics.

I have also been a keen member of AD Adventures (recreation program) over many years enjoying a variety of pursuits ranging from camping, skydiving, theatre and 4wheel driving. These experiences have brought me joy and excitement and I will always remember the good times I have shared with other members. 

Tamara Nowitzki with cultural dancers at the NZ World Championships

Today I enjoy exercising in the gym and catching up with old friends. 

CONGRATULATIONS Sporting Wheelies on your 40th anniversary and I look forward to hearing of the future successes of athletes you continue to support. 

For more about Tamara’s story, including her book “No Ordinary Girl’ visit tamaranowitzki.com.au

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