Winter sports (including curling)

Winter sports

Winter Sports include downhill skiing, cross country skiing, wheelchair curling, alpine skiing, sled ice hockey, dog sledding, para-bobsleigh, para-snowboarding, biathlon and snowshoeing. There have been exciting developments in adapted equipment in recent years to allow people of all abilities to enjoy and compete in winter sports.

Download our winter sports fact sheet for more details.

Local programs

Disabled Wintersport Australia provides qualified instructors to support beginner skiers. For more information, contact Disabled Wintersport Australia.

Queensland Curling Association welcomes curlers of all ability levels, including those wanting to try wheelchair curling, at their Brisbane program. Check the winter sports fact sheet for details.


Coaching and development opportunities are provided through:

Photo of Association member Naomi Oliver snow skiing on a mono (single) sit ski with supported by modified ski poles with outriggers on the tip.

Competition opportunities and pathways

Winter sport events are included in the annual National Alpine Championships and international events such as world championships and the Winter Paralympics.

Athletes have to be classified to compete nationally and internationally.


There is a variety of equipment required depending on the type of winter sport. Specialised equipment includes sit skis, wheelchair curling handles and guide ski harnesses for skiers with vision impairment.

Other roles

You don’t have to ski or curl to be involved. You can make a contribution as a volunteer, coach, team manager, official, administrator of the sport or as an enthusiastic supporter. For more information, contact the organisations below.

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