Football (soccer)

Football (soccer)

Football (soccer) is the most popular team sport in the world. Anyone can enjoy kicking a football in their back yard, at the local park, at school or at their local club. It is a fun and exciting game that can be played socially with family and friends or competitively against organised teams. There are many modified versions of the sport that cater for players of different abilities.

Download our football (soccer) fact sheet and electric wheelchair sports fact sheet for more details.

Local programs

Contact your local football club for information about come and try days, training opportunities and membership benefits. For a list of football clubs in your area, visit Football Queensland.

If you would like assistance making contact with your local club, please Football Queensland.

Paralympic football programs offer footballers with a physical disability the chance to develop skills and game experience and link with mainstream football clubs.

Download the football (soccer) fact sheet.

Image of a member playing in the Queensland Paralympic Football Championships, the Festival of Football

The electric wheelchair sports program in Brisbane offers electric wheelchair soccer.


Coaching and development opportunities are provided through local football clubs and governing bodies, including Football Federation Australia’s Paralympic Football Squad. The Brisbane Paralympic Football Program (coordinated by Westside Football Club) and the Capricorn Paralympic Football Program (coordinated by Frenchville Sports Club) provide coaching and development for footballers with a physical disability.

Competition opportunities and pathways

Paralympic seven-a-side football (formerly known as CP Football) for people with a physical disability have pathways that include state championships, Football Federation Australia’s National Paralympic Football Championships, world championships and the Paralympics.  Five-a-side football for footballers with a vision impairment is played at the Paralympics, but there are currently no state or national competition opportunities in Australia.

People who use an electric wheelchair can compete in the National Electric Wheelchair Sports (NEWS) championships, which include electric wheelchair soccer.

Footballers have to be classified to compete nationally and internationally.


Football can be played with a ball on a variety of indoor or outdoor surfaces. More competitive players require boots, shin pads, and comfortable playing clothes. Football equipment is available at most sports stores. Five-a-side football requires a smaller football with bells inside so that players with a vision impairment can hear it. Electric wheelchair soccer uses large double inflated balloons.

Other roles

You don’t have to play football to be involved. You can make a contribution as a club volunteer, coach, team manager, official, administrator of the sport or as an enthusiastic supporter. For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact your local club or Football Queensland.

Working with mainstream sport

We are pleased to welcome Football Queensland as part of the Sports CONNECT Queensland network as the organisation aims to develop more opportunities for people with a disability to participate in football as players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers.

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