Cricket is one of Australia’s most popular team sports, played in back yards, at family barbecues, on beaches, at schools and at clubs around the country. It can be easily modified and adapted to suit players’ abilities and the available resources.

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Local programs

Cricket can be enjoyed anywhere, from the backyard or your local park to a suitable indoor venue. You can contact your local cricket club for information about come and try days and social competitions or events as well as membership. For a list of clubs in your area, visit Queensland Cricket.

Cricketers with a vision impairment can also play with the Queensland Blind Cricket Association.

If you would like assistance making contact with your local cricket club, please contact us.

Black and white photo of single leg amputee cricket player (on single arm crutch) catching the ball, with batsman running behind.


Coaching and development opportunities are provided through local clubs and governing bodies for the sport.

Competition opportunities and pathways

Competition opportunities exist within schools and clubs, often with different grades on offer to match the experience and ability of players. Indoor cricket is a popular modified version of the outdoor game which is available in most regions. Table cricket is a modified version of the game endorsed by Cricket Australia and available through Queensland Cricket.

Cricketers with a vision impairment can also compete in state, national and international competitions specifically for people with a vision impairment.


All you need to get started is a ball and bat. More organised competition requires wickets, padding for protection, and specific balls and bats that can be purchased at most sports stores. Contact Queensland Cricket for information on how to obtain table cricket equipment and instructions.

Other roles

You don’t have to play cricket to be involved. You can make a contribution as a club volunteer, coach, team manager, umpire, administrator of the sport or as an enthusiastic supporter. For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact your local club or Queensland Cricket.

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