Give the Gift of Opportunity and Accessibility this Christmas

Thanks to your generosity, we have provided over 15,000 opportunities for Queenslanders with a disability to play sports, get involved in active recreation and access exercise and therapy programs in 2019. With your help, many of our members have achieved a wide range of goals; from improved self-confidence, fitness levels and social skills, with junior athletes now enjoying the opportunity to attend development camps that they’ve been holding out for. On their behalf, thank you for your help.

Just take a look at Mike. Mike first started attending regional social Boccia programs a few years ago and has slowly become more communicative and confident. Although when he first started, he was very fearful of sudden loud noises. Mike was then persuaded to attend a Come and Try Water-skiing event where he initially got no further than the Ski Club’s BBQ area. After a few years of support and encouragement, Mike now can’t wait to ride in the loud ski boat and chat to the drivers.

Because of you, Wheelchair Dancer Loz has also achieved numerous goals since she began attending our social Wheelchair Dance program. Loz is a junior member of the Association and joined Wheelchair Dancing as a very shy, non-verbal girl who has now blossomed because of this program. A recent highlight was when her carer reported that Loz was doing her dance moves with a smile from ear to ear as she watched the bands on stage at a recent music festival.

We are so grateful to have supporters like you making stories like these a reality for our members.
Today, we embark on our Christmas Donation Campaign and we’re reaching out to you because you’ve already demonstrated your support for our members and athletes. Would you be willing to make a special contribution of:


To support a member to play in a local sporting program,


To enable a member to experience a life changing rehabilitation program, or


To provide access for a young athlete to attend a development camp.

This will ensure our members have a head start towards accomplishing their next round of goals in 2020.

With your support, we can continue to impact our members and their community in a lasting way.

Please help us by giving a gift via our online donation form.

P.S. On our Blog Page, you’ll find many more stories about our members just like Mike and Loz. You can learn more about the amazing work your donations make possible by checking out our Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

I came here because I believe in the real impact the association has had on people’s lives for the past forty years.  And now as a new member of the team, I aim to see it impact many more.

Thank you for your continued support.

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