Bill Nancarrow

Bill Nancarrow

I first came to “Wheelies” as a Powerlifting athlete many years ago. As an athlete I found their support to be of a very high standard, nothing was ever too hard for Sporting Wheelies.

Bill Nancarrow spotting powerlifting bar for an athlete

Having grown with Sporting Wheelies and with the bonus of Ray Epstein as my mentor, I moved into coaching and team management.

I have travelled all over the world representing both Sporting Wheelies and the Australian Paralympic Committee, supporting our great athletes. I have made some amazing lifelong friends along the way!

I admire the support Robyn Stephensen and Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association has given over the years to all, and I am proud to say that Sporting Wheelies is part of my family and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Bill Nancarrow refereeing a lift

My first international competition was in Busan, South Korea and if I had a few hours I could tell a story or two about that trip.

Bill Nancarrow with an athlete in Singapore

I’ve lost track but I think I have been to 5 World Championships, including the 2008 Paralympics, the Arafura Games, 9th FESPIC Games in Kuala Lumpur, plus a number of European Cups, national and state competitions.

Quote: I have just recently been named as the Team Manager for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games which is an absolute honour. (Borobi mascot in background)

One of the moments that has always stuck in my mind is that I can remember someone asking me after I returned from 2008 Paralympics what it was like “following the able bodied athletes after they had competed?”, my reply was simple!

“It’s good of them to test the equipment, venues and transport to ensure everything runs ‘smooth as’ for the real athletes”, of course with A SMILE ON MY FACE!!!

Bill Nancarrow

Images thanks to Powerlifting Australia, Kelli Chilton and Google Images

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