Physiotherapy – how can it benefit me?

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Since opening in April 2016, an increasing number of members and other clients have benefited from Spinal Life Australia’s physiotherapy service based at The Gym at the Association’s Bowen Hills headquarters.

Physiotherapy is often associated with assisting our bodies to heal post injury or surgery. However, physiotherapy can provide benefits in other ways too, including assisting people with conditions affecting their nervous system. Spinal Life Australia Physiotherapist Anthony Nakhle explains:

Photo of Anthony Nakhle, PhysiotherapistWhat is Complex Neurological Physiotherapy?

Neurological Physiotherapy is the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of conditions that affect a person’s nervous system.  These conditions include spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse Myelitis, Parkinson’s, and Syringomyelia, to name just a few. These conditions can all affect each person differently and even two people with the same diagnosis may be affected in a very different way.

This brings us to Complex Neurological Physiotherapy.  A skilled and experienced therapist can identify varying symptoms and apply the required treatment on a case by case basis. This is important to ensure the best possible care for each client.

Take for example Steve and Molly. Steve has post-polio, while Molly has a spinal cord injury. They both present with weakness and a reduction in balance. Despite presenting with the same symptoms the treatments required for both conditions are vastly different.

A complex neurological physiotherapist will develop an exercise plan for Steve that ensures he is never working to the point of muscle fatigue. This is to ensure that no further damage is done to the muscle strength.

The therapist’s plan for Molly will push her much further to focus more on increasing strength in the muscle. With her spinal cord injury, there is no risk of causing further damage by reaching muscle fatigue during her exercise. In fact, reaching that point will encourage muscle strengthening and more effective rehabilitation.

Not all therapists are trained, or practiced, in handling the more complex neurological conditions that many people are living with. Don’t settle for anyone without the skills and expertise to handle your unique condition.

To talk with Anthony about how physiotherapy can benefit you, book a free initial 20 minute consultation.

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