Gold and silver as Queensland Rolling Thunder dominate nationals


The Queensland Rolling Thunder Maroon and White teams have dominated the Kevin Coombs Cup in Townsville, playing each other in the Grand Final for the gold medal.

The Maroon team went undefeated through the championships enjoying victories over NSW, Western Australia, Victoria and the Queensland White team.

“The team really pulled together throughout the tournament with everyone contributing to the team’s success,” said Head Coach Peter Sumpter.

“We faced some tough opposition from Victoria and the Queensland White team, and I’m just so proud of the effort and attitude of each player in the lead up to the event and throughout each game.”

Sumpter praised the spirit of the Queensland players, particularly the youngest, who showed great courage and tenacity, as well as the efforts of the coaches and managers for both Queensland sides in preparing both teams for the national championships in their home state for the first time.

2017 Queensland Rolling Thunder teams huddle centre court after Qld-Qld Kevin Coombs Cup final
Photo: Kangaroo Photos

Tom Kyle, Head Coach of the Queensland Rolling Thunder White team, was also proud of the players and team staff.

“This is a special time for Queensland with so much talent on the court and in our coaching ranks.”

“The gold and silver medal really highlights the hard work and commitment from everyone over the years, and we’re just so proud of what they have achieved at this championships. We hope to continue this success well into the future.”

Queensland Rolling Thunder Maroon (4-0 record) defeated Queensland Rolling Thunder White (2-2 record) 63 – 38 in the grand final. The official match report from Basketball Australia below stated:

Qld Maroon were the favourites heading into this contest and they lived up to the expectations, winning every quarter on their way to the gold medal. They started the game ominously with the first eight points and continually looked inside where they tallied a 52-18 advantage in the paint. Qld Maroon were simply too quick on the break while Tom O’Neill-Thorne (27 points, eight rebounds, five assists) and Tom Holland (12 points, six rebounds, four assists) combined for 14 steals to help them to 37 points off turnovers. Qld White were led by Anderson Parker’s double-double of 12 points and ten boards while Dylan Child combined 12 rebounds with eight points.

The win secured the third national gold medal for team members Steven Elliott, Thomas Holland, and Ben Grice, who won their first national title with Queensland in 2014 and repeated in 2015. All three basketballers have enjoyed increased training and development opportunities through Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association’s High Performance Program, funded through the Queensland Academy of Sport. Steven, Thomas and Ben hope to be named with other Queenslanders Dylan Child, Jake Fulwood, Tom O’Neill-Thorne, Anderson Parker, Bailey Rowland, Hayden Siebuhr, and Lachlin Synot in the Australian Spinners U23 Mens team to be announced soon.

Photos: Kangaroo Photos.

Queensland Rolling Thunder teams celebrate Gold and Silver at the 2017 Kevin Coombs Cup (Photo credit: Kangaroo Photos)
Maroon and white teams congratulate each other after the 2017 Kevin Coombs Cup grand final (Photo credit: Kangaroo Photos)
Queensland Rolling Thunder maroon team huddle (Photo credit: Kangaroo Photos)
Dylan Child takes a shot, Anderson Parker ready for the rebound (Photo credit: Kangaroo Photos)
Peter Sumpter congratulates Dylan Robinson (Photo credit: Kangaroo Photos)
Anderson Parker takes out Tom O’Neill-Thorne 2017 KKC day 6 (Kangaroo Photos)
Tom O'Neill-Thorne stops Hayden Siebuhr shot from behind Photo credit: (Kangaroo Photos)
Bailey Rowland (white) defends Tom O'Neill-Thorne at the 2017 Kevin Coombs Cup (Photo credit: Kangaroo Photos)
Dylan Child 2017 KKC day 6 (Kangaroo Photos)
Dylan Child action (Kangaroo Photos)
Lachlin Synot vs Victoria 2017 KKC day 7 (Kangaroo Photos)
Eithen Leard vs WA 2017 KKC day 6 (Kangaroo Photos)
Dylan Robinson 2017 KKC day 6 (Kangaroo Photos)
Qld vs NSW lineup 2017 KKC day 5 (Kangaroo Photos)
Dylan Robinson vs NSW 2017 KKC day 5 (Kangaroo Photos)
Anderson Parker 2017 KKC day 5 (Kangaroo Photos)
Tom O’Neill-Thorne balancing act 2017 KKC day 5 (Kangaroo Photos)
Steven Elliott free throw 2017 KKC day 5 (Kangaroo Photos)
Tom O’Neill-Thorne, Lachlin Synot vs NSW 2017 KKC day 5 (Kangaroo Photos)
Eithen Leard 2017 KKC day 5 (Kangaroo Photos)
Qld Maroon vs WA 2017 KKC day 6 (Kangaroo Photos)
Qld vs Qld 2017 KKC day 6 (Kangaroo Photos)



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